Dionysios C. Pappas, CELA

A Message from the President

Founded in 2007, PAELA’s mission to strengthen, train, and support qualified members has been key to the development, advancement, and promotion of quality legal services for older Pennsylvanians. PAELA members strive to be the premier providers of legal services and advocacy for seniors, caregivers, and those with special needs.

PAELA has become a recognized and trusted resource for legislators and policymakers in our state capitol of Harrisburg, PA. The members of our public policy committee have a long-standing reputation of being serious and responsive subject matter experts on topics which impact seniors such as powers of attorney, guardianship matters, Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care, home- and community-based services, and POLSTS. Our public policy committee members produce position papers which provide thoughtful and practical analysis of proposed legislation. We recognize that drafting changes in the law is challenging, so when we spot a problem with proposed legislation, we always attempt to identify possible solutions. In our advocacy efforts, we work with all interested stakeholders.

PAELA’s leadership works constantly to help its members stay current with the law by sponsoring educational programming, including two conferences with a specially designed curriculum of advanced topics and nationally known speakers. In this digital age, our conferences represent the increasingly rare opportunity for elder law attorneys to gather from across the state. We discuss public policy trends, difficult legal issues, new cases, and, yes, our children and vacations too. We build friendships that help personally and professionally. For new elder law attorneys, these conferences are your chance to join in the conversation and hone your skills in the areas of Medicaid, Medicare, guardianship, estates, trusts, and more. Our listserv is an opportunity to post your questions to members who have expertise in a number of specialized areas of elder law.

If you are already a PAELA member, I thank you for being a part of this organization.

If you are a lawyer who wishes to join us in our mission, please contact us.

If you need legal representation, please visit our Find an Attorney web page to contact one of our highly qualified members to assist with your elder law matter.